Has the ATF multi-rifle sale (aka registration) scheme been shelved?

by DaveY on Feb.05, 2011, under Uncategorized

See also New Info on the ATF multi rifle sale registration comment period!

According to the Washington Post the ATF multi-rifle registration scheme has been rejected.  This is unconfirmed, all online government sources as of 02/05/2011 still show the ICR as not decided upon.  The rule had been championed by news outlets like the Washington Post reporters and editors, MAIG, and the usual suspects.

You can see the wishful thinking disappointment in the article.  The title is ‘White House delays gun reporting along Mexican border’.  Of course, the actual proposed collection affects EVERY single FFL in the United States.  They also must have missed the more than 3 Democratic Senators opposing this new authority for ATF.

The article seems to suggest that the comment period has been extended through 02/14/2011, however there is nothing in the federal register to indicate that (yet).  More to come…

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